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Booking terms and conditions

Grubby Paws Dog Grooming Ltd - Terms and Conditions



Prices for online bookings are a guide based on the average condition of dogs of various sizes. Your groomer will assess your dog once they arrive and inform you of any change to the guide price you have booked. There will be an additional charge for heavily matted dogs.


In the event of an emergency, you authorize Grubby Paws to immediately seek a vet’s attention for your dog, at your expense.  You understand that all attempts will be made to contact you in the event of an emergency.

Coat Condition

 If your dog’s coat is matted, you understand that the groomer may have to shave matts out rather than perform a painful de-matting procedure.  You also understand that if your dog is severely matted, that there is an increased risk of clipper burn or for cuts to occur.   You also understand that matted dogs take additional time to groom so there will be an additional fee added on the regular price.


You understand that grooming can be stressful to some pets and you will inform the groomer if your dog has any heart conditions or any stress related issues prior to grooming.

Cancellation policy

You understand if you have to change your appointment time or cancel it, that you must give at least 24 hour notice so that the appointment time can be made available to another client.  Deposits will not be refunded where notice in line with this policy is not given.

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